(Resident Monk)

Bhante Dhammakkanda Thero moved to Sweden in 2010 and serves as a resident monk in Stockholm Buddhist Vihara until today. 

He was born in Matale, Sri Lanka. When he got permission from his parents, he became a student under the teaching and supervision of Bhante Ovisa Sri Medhananda Nayaka Maha thero, Bhante Kirindigalle Dhammaratana Thero and Bhante Maratugoda Dhammananda Thero at Vidumina Pirivena Institute in Maratugoda. After completing all the training for about two years he became a monk and later ordained by the Maha Sangha according to the Vinaya rules and regulations stipulated by the Buddha. 

Bhante Dhammakkanda thero has studied Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy as well as several languages such as Sinhalese, Pali, Sanskrit and English. He completed his education in Sri Lanka with a bachelor’s degree (B.A.) and a Master’s degree (M.A.)