Stockholm Buddhist Vihara has been existed in Sweden for more than three decades in our current temple premises at Sångvägen 9 in Jakobsberg. During this period, we have grown extensively both in terms of support and activities to the community as well as number of members and visitors who get our service.

Recently the number of people who are visiting the temple has been increased significantly and we find that smaller premises we have today limits our services to the community in many ways. Since the present vihara premises is quite old and in need of repairing the roof and other vital sections, it would be wiser to move into a new place with bigger capacity and better facilities designed specifically for activities and functions as a Buddhist vihara. Considering all these factors, we are planning to find a suitable land and build a larger premises which can accommodate more people and provide better and effective service to the community.

We are in search of potential land or premises and have started collecting funds to make our goal into a reality. You are warmly welcome to donate money, provide your labor and materials, organize and participate in fund raising events for the new Vihara. We will continuously update with information about our progress. Please contact the Vihara for more information and donations.

Scan this with your SWISH app to contribute to the NEW Vihara Premises Development Fund. (You can contribute any amount as you wish. Message on the Swish is set already to “SBV Vihara Dev Fund” since we already know who is sending this SWISH from your SWISH number)