The Dhamma School Development Fund for the Stockholm Buddhist Vihara Project not only aims to support the fundamental needs of the Dhamma School but also envisions vibrant enhancements such as prize givings, certificates, and the creation of more quality content. Your contributions will enable the recognition of students’ achievements through meaningful awards, the issuance of certificates acknowledging their dedication to Dhamma studies, and the development of high-quality educational materials and content. By investing in this fund, you are actively contributing to the enrichment of the learning experience, fostering a sense of accomplishment among students, and elevating the overall educational standard within the Stockholm Buddhist Vihara Project.

Scan this with your SWISH app to contribute to the “Dhamma School Development Fund”. (You can contribute any amount as you wish. Message on the Swish is set already to “SBV Dhamma School” since we already know who is sending this SWISH from your SWISH number)